E-Democracy in Administration Field: Mapping the Construction of the Field in Brazil
ID: 54177    |    Access: 838    |    Downloads: 69
Authors: Jose Antonio Gomes Pinho, Rafael Cardoso Sampaio, Ingrid Winkler, Kátia Morais
Source: Cadernos Gestão Pública e Cidadania, v. 24, n. 78, p. 1-31, May-August, 2019. 31 page(s).
Keyword: Administration, E-democracy, e-government, management approach, political approach
Document type: Article (Portuguese)
The teaching-learning process for administration classes in heterogeneous conditions: students’ and teachers’ perceptions
ID: 31412    |    Access: 2167    |    Downloads: 413
Authors: Ingrid Winkler, Júlio Cesar Andrade de Abreu, Kátia Santos de Morais, Lindomar Pinto Silva, José Antonio Gomes de Pinho
Source: Administração: Ensino e Pesquisa, v. 13, n. 1, p. 43-75, January-March, 2012. 33 page(s).
Keyword: administration teaching, meaningful learning, teaching-learning process
Document type: Article (Portuguese)