A respeito de ética e finanças Other Languages

Ethics is a current topic and a lot of papers have considered it. On the other hand, ethics in finance have not deserved so much attention in Brazil. The paper brings the debate to this sphere and suggests courses to future researches. This paper provides an examination of the main currents of ethics and its implication to the finance field. Among the issues discussed are agency problems, virtue ethics in finance, the legal system of justice and its implication to the market efficiency, ethical investment funds, and business ethics and shareholders wealth maximisation. The author proposes that the ethical behaviour of an agent should be judged only by the practical results of his actions and that the ethics of a firm should be centred on its clientele.
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MOREIRA, L. F.A respeito de ética e finanças. RAE-eletrônica, v. 1, n. 2, art. 5, p. 1-18, 2002.
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Moreira, L. F.(2002). A respeito de ética e finanças. RAE-eletrônica, 1(2), 1-18.
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