Ethics in teaching activities of PUC Minas Contagem Other Languages

The approach of this paper is the study of ethical conflicts experienced by professors of the course of Administration at PUC Minas Contagem in their teaching practice. The research was undertaken through semi-structured interviews with 30 (thirty) faculty members of the course of Administration, investigating the existence of ethical sensibility on the professors’ part and their ethical conflicts in interactions with the institution, with the course coordination, with other faculty members and with students. The need to implement or not actions and instruments to guide an ethical conduct in educational practice, from the faculty’s perspective, was also investigated. Ethical conflicts were analysed in the light of the model presented by Ferrell et al. (2001), which proposes the classification of conflicts in the following categories: interests; honesty and equity; relationships; communication. Results pointed out the existence of an ethical concern in most cases. Half the ethical conflicts are around the relationship between professors and students, and the lowest percentage is in the relationship with other professors. Most interviewed professors were against the implementation of normative and prescriptive measures to deal with ethical conflicts.
ABNT Citation:
LARA, M. C. G.; PENA, R. P. M. A ética na atividade docente da PUC Minas Contagem. Revista Economia & Gestão, v. 5, n. 9, p. 116-136, 2005.
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Lara, M. C. G., & Pena, R. P. M. (2005). A ética na atividade docente da PUC Minas Contagem. Revista Economia & Gestão, 5(9), 116-136.
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