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The resources invested in research do not guarantee an immediate practical application. Companies and government increasingly seek mechanisms for prioritizing R&D projects appropriately when resources are insufficient. This study's objective was to develop and present a methodology used to evaluate the portfolio of research and help choosing the best investments in research. This methodology was applied at the Butanta Institute, in Brazil, an organization responsible for researching and developing, among other medicines, vaccines and other chemicals, Onco BCG, a medication for the treatment of bladder cancer. In the article, we present and analyze the methodology used at Butanta Institute. Conclusions show that literature on R&D portfolio management advises the use of risk and return criteria, when choosing among projects. In the case study of Butanta, the methodology of choice was based more on the customer's perspective.
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VASCONCELLOS, E. P. G.; MURITIBA, S. N.; PRADO, S. M. A.; VANCETTO, M. D. C.; MURITIBA, P. M. Analyzing R&D projects on health products. Innovation and Management Review, v. 13, n. 3, p. 199-210, 2016.
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Vasconcellos, E. P. G., Muritiba, S. N., Prado, S. M. A., Vancetto, M. D. C., & Muritiba, P. M. (2016). Analyzing R&D projects on health products. Innovation and Management Review, 13(3), 199-210.
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