Preparing structured abstract as an instrument in scientific dissemination: guidelines Other Languages

Background: Structured abstracts (with subtitles like this) are in the process of being adopted by scientific journals (strata B1 and B2) in Applied Social Sciences - Administration. Objective: The objective of this paper is to clarify to the reader that structured abstracts are becoming a trend in scientific journals of Applied Social Sciences - Administration. Method: This study uses the empirical and deductive method, through a quantitative and qualitative approach; and as for the procedure, it is a bibliographic search, by wa of reviewing studies and scientific articles carried out on the subject and websites of scientific journals in the SPELL ANPAD database, aiming to clarify the relevance of the structured abstract in the drafting of scientific articles. Results: from the 120 scientific journals on the topic of administration researched in the Spell database, it is observed that only 17% of the journals adopt the structured abstract. The analyzed sample allowed to show that the structured abstract is more used by journals located in strata B1 and B2 in the Spell ranking (ANPAD). Conclusions: It is recommended that editors / authors of social science journals consider the adoption of structured abstracts. It is also concluded that the structured abstracts written for Applied Social Sciences journals are more informative, easier to read and to research when comparing them with the traditional abstracts.
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SILVA, A. O.; SÉLLOS-KNOERR, V. C.; JANES, D. D. S.; MARTINS, J. A. M. Como elaborar um resumo estruturado como instrumento na disseminação científica: um breve roteiro. International Journal of Professional Business Review, v. 5, n. 2, p. 0-0, 2020.
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Silva, A. O., Séllos-knoerr, V. C., Janes, D. D. S., & Martins, J. A. M. (2020). Como elaborar um resumo estruturado como instrumento na disseminação científica: um breve roteiro. International Journal of Professional Business Review, 5(2), 0-0.
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