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JOSCM - Journal of Operations and Supply Chain Management

The mission of the Journal of Operations and Supply Chain Management (JOSCM) is to advance knowledge and science and to stimulate greater thought and effort in the fields of OM theory and practice by providing readers with: • New and helpful information; • New OM theory or techniques; • Research generalizations about OM thoughts and practices; • OM understanding by researchers and practitioners; • Creative views and syntheses of dispersed concepts in OM and; • Articles in subject areas which have significant current impact on thought and practice in OM, which present challenges for the future. Regular articles accepted for publication in JOSCM must have clear implications for practitioners who manage product and process design, operations, and supply chains based on one or more of a variety of rigorous research methodologies. Manuscripts accepted for publication must meet the following criteria: 1. Research papers in the field of OM in manufacturing and services. 2. Research rigor applied through the scientific theory-building approach. 3. Managerial relevance. 4. All manuscripts should be submitted in English. It covers all topics in product and process design, operations, and supply chain management and welcomes papers using any research paradigm.

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